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Is there a better time of the year than fall? It’s when leaves start to turn those magical colors that only happen during the six weeks or so between the end of September and the middle of November, the weather starts to cool off and you can lounge around in sweats without feeling guilty the whole time. But fall also brings spooky things as well: doors creaking, things dancing in your peripheral vision that isn’t there and that occasional tug on your covers while you sleep and dream of only good things. If all this sounds like a great time to you, then I am sorry to be the one to tell you that you suffer from a disease known the world over as Halloween-itis! It is (probably, but probably not) the most incurable disease known to man, but if you follow my 3 step process, it may make your life a little easier (or at least put a chill down your spine!).


Aaron Mahnk’s amazing podcast about the supernatural is the type of stuff that won’t keep you up all night scared to look under the bed, but instead dives into the stories and myths about the monsters under the bed and how they came to be. Using great research, Mahnk shows how what was once thought of as supernatural or unexplainable back in the day, can now be easily explained by science. What makes this podcast fun is that Amazon picked it up as a television series that just premiered a few weeks back.

Book: Lunar Park by Bret Easton Ellis

Have you ever seen the movie ‘American Psycho?’ Have you ever thought to yourself while watching it ‘Damn, the guy who wrote this must have be nuts!’ If you haven’t seen American Psycho, it begs the question ‘HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK?!’ It’s one of the most enduring movies of the 2000’s, not only because of all the gruesome horror but because it shows how striving to become the ‘best self’ you can be can ultimately lead to utter ruin.

Bret Easton Ellis rose to fame in the late 80’s. Ellis’s first novel ‘Less Than Zero’ was dubbed the ‘Catcher in the Rye for the MTV generation’ all before he turned 21. As with anyone who isn’t equipped to handle stardom at an early age, he eventually succumed to drugs and alcohol and although he still had another hit with ‘American Psycho’ in 1991, things started to gradually go downhill after that. What makes ‘Lunar Park’ so frightening is that it is actually a de-facto sequel to ‘American Psycho’ with Ellis seeing Patrick Bateman everywhere he goes. He also believes his house is haunted and things start to take a real turn as Halloween nears.

Movie: The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2016)

Written and directed by Osgood Perkins (who’s only other movie that he’s directed is a Netflix original called ‘I am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House’ and is equally as terrifying) ‘The Blackcoat’s Daughter’ tells the story of two young women who end up being stuck at an all girls school at the beginning of winter break and how the isolation and myths surrounding the nuns at the school begin to wreak havoc on their minds. The breakout star of the movie is Kiernan Shipka, who played Sally Draper on Mad Men and is absolutely horrifying in this movie. I don’t want to give away too much except that the twist at the end is so good, I re-watched it afterwards just to make sure I didn’t loose my mind in the process of watching the film.


So there you have it my fellow Halloween addicts! My list of things to listen to, read or watch to gear yourself up for All Hallows Eve. My advice: make sure the suns down, the lights are off & and please don’t worry about what’s calling you under your bed, I’m sure it’s nothing.

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